Deb Della Piana pt.3

Explícito Deb Della Piana pt.3

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My guest is Deb Della Piana (pt.3 of 4)

- About Deb:

Deb is an activist and revolutionary. She has always questioned the established institutions, but used to have some faith in the political process; that is until she attended a Bernie Sanders rally and speech in 2016, where she witnessed the cloak-and-dagger reality of how politics is like a play.
How things are done just for PR, appearance, actors are set in motion, and how the truth behind the curtain is much different then what is ... Más informaciones


  1. 01:20
    Edward Bernays truth
  2. 03:32
    Deb's 35yr advertising background
  3. 05:35
    Truth in advertising??
  4. 10:14
    Jacque Fresco/advertising reference
  5. 16:46
    illusion of choice
  6. 20:35
    Take it to the streets
  7. 26:02
    What true revolution looks like
  8. 31:43
    forward thinking/the future
  9. 38:35
    Why we're (not) here

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